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Eternal Adventure

Eternal Adventure is a procedural RPG I made in a month for IGMC 2018 (Indie Game Maker Contest). Levels, enemies, events and loot are all selected from randomized pools. The game also features detailed character creation, plenty of branching choices, unique weapon and spell systems, and skill checks based upon character stats. The IGMC version of the game can be played for free here.

The Square Who Killed Another Square

The Square Who Killed Another Square is a minimalist comedy RPG I created for IGMC 2017 (Indie Game Maker Contest). Made in a couple months, the game features hours of content with original art and music. It's my most recent completed project and is freely available to download and play here.


Small Favors

Small Favors is an in-development comedic RPG. It began as practice for the RPG Maker engine, and therefore uses mostly premade assets. But as a result, it allowed me to create dozens of areas, puzzles and bosses, complex branching events, hundreds of unique skills and enemies, and over 20 hours of playable content. A finished version of the game is planned for release in 2019.


Bleaklight is a survival horror game I worked on during college as part of a two man team. My duties concerned everything other than programming, including game and level design, art, sound and writing. Though over an hour of content was completed, the project was eventually put on indefinite hiatus.

Old Games

In college, I contributed game design and music for several projects as part of ACM's SIG GD (Special Interest Group Game Development). I also handled Unreal 4 scripting and level design for semester projects in gaming courses. I started making games early in high school, most of them solo projects created in Game Maker. These covered a wide variety of genres and some were over an hour in length. In a high school game club I also handled all game/level design for Sprout, a platformer where you could grow your own platforms.

Within the Darkness
Project Savage