Welcome to my online portfolio! Your time is valuable, so I'll keep it short and sweet. Samples of my work are here, mostly games I've developed with some writing samples as well. You can find them all below.

You can contact me at erictodd131@gmail.com


Bleaklight is my most recent project, a survival horror game I’ve been making in my spare time through college as part of a two man team. My duties during the game have concerned everything other than programming. I handle game design, creating sprite art, level design through an open-source map editor named Tiled, music and sound effects, and writing. Though still in production, it is my most polished product to date.

College Games

I’ve worked on a number of games over my time at Purdue University. I performed several minor roles in ACM’s SIG GD (Special Interest Group Game Development), like game design, music, and some sprite creation. I also worked on semester projects in Unreal 4 for a couple of gaming courses. One was a platformer with jet boots for midair jumps and dashes. For that I headed up the project, designed the levels and created the mechanics. Another was a 2D stealth game, in which I worked on blueprint code and game design. I learned a lot about working with others and managing project scope during this time.

Within the Darkness
Project Savage
Project Savage
Jet-boot Jerry
Jet-boot Jerry
Jet-boot Jerry

High School Games

I started making games near the beginning of High School and continued making them throughout. Most of projects were solo ones made in Game Maker. They ranged wildly in genres, ambitions and scope. Some had quite a lot of content, but few had any degree of polish. I learned a lot about the basics of game design in these years. I also learned the beginnings of working with a group in the form of Sprout, a project with my high school game club. A platformer where you could grow plants to progress, I was its sole game designer and level designer.


Of Greatest Adventure
Clockwork Citadel

Writing Samples

In addition to experience in game development, I also have notable experience in creative writing. Here are some samples of my work in the form of short stories.

Burton's Exotic Brews and Spirits: A young man visits an unusual bar.

Villainous: A criminal mastermind meets an unexpected response.

The Heist: A short tale of two argumentative thieves.